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The Love Psychologist

Sep 9, 2021

This episode discusses how marriages can become sexless and what we can do about it, with guest Dr. Robert Fleisher.  We cover:

-What is a sexless marriage or relationship

-What is the average sex frequency in a marriage?

-What are some reasons that our sex life goes downhill?

-What are some things we can do about it?

-How does menopause affect one's sex life?

-Can life events like pregnancy affect your sex life?

-Should a couple discuss sex?  What about before marriage?

-What happens when you two have different libidos?

-Is the lack of sex one main reason people have an affair?

-Can hormones and supplements improve your sex life?

-How do psychological issues impact your sex life?

And more!

To learn more about Dr. Fleisher, check out Robert Fleishers website

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