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The Love Psychologist

Mar 8, 2022

This podcast episode is about holy love and how to be your soul in a relationship., with guests Elisa Romeo and Adam Foley. We cover:

⁃ How to soul journal
⁃ How to notice your partners soul essence
⁃ The 4 spiritual relationships
⁃ Learn your soul contracts and lessons in relationships
⁃ Ask, ‘What does...

Jan 26, 2022

This podcast episode covers burnout and saying no, especially for women.  We cover:

-What is burnout

-How it affects hormones & Sex drive

-How asking for help is important and how to do so

-Why libido is afgfected by stress and exhaustion

-ways to find time for self-care 


And much more!

Find out about Dr. Renee...

Dec 2, 2021

In this podcast episode I cover:

-How daters fared and their expectations

-why divorce rate is lower now

-how relationships were strengthened

-how people developed rituals of connection

-how pandemic relationships in dating fared

-why stress intensified problem areas

-whether couples want to return to status quo


Nov 24, 2021

This podcast episode covers:

-How career women pair off and with what types of mates

-How these women can find an energetic balance in their relationships

-How to authentically create a relationship that matches your essence and goals

-How vision boards can help you to manifest your love and vision

-How to be conscious...

Nov 18, 2021

This podcast episode dives into the enneagram and relationships further with guest Christa Hardin. We cover:

-the 9 types of enneagram personalities

-the intelligence centers- body people, thinking people and heart people

-the 3 instincts- the sexual, the 1:1, the self-preserving instinct. How to know your instinctual...